Government Grant to Wolverhampton far better then claimed by Labour

City Conservative leader Councillor Wendy Thompson said, "The amount of revenue grant received by the Council in this financial year is £497 million, which includes things like public health grant, and dedicated grants to schools, all of which Labour keeps claiming are suffering from cuts."

"The fact is that Wolverhampton receives a great deal of funding that does not make the headlines normally because it suits Labour for it to be kept quiet, or because it is ring-fenced for specific purposes. There is also little mention made of £36 million in capital grants this year alone, for projects meant to produce long-term community assets."


The £497 million includes £169 million in schools grant and £162 million marked as "General Government Grant". Housing Benefit grants also account for £119 million. The revenue grants are for day to day running costs across a wide range of council services.