A Conservative motion to a full meeting of the Council last night (17th) was taken on board for further consideration by officers, with a full report to come before the Council's Hackney Carriage Working Group.

City Conservative Deputy Leader and Equalities spokesman Councillor Paul Singh said he was pleased that the Council was unanimous that new provision for disabled people to access Bentley Bridge by Hackney-style taxis was desirable.

"This is something that has been largely missing from Bentley Bridge over the years, although experience with the taxi ranks provided by the multiplex cinema has shown how popular and vital this type of provision is. To put in a couple more ranks at key points on the site would certainly make sense."

Councillor Singh said he hoped that technical issues such as land ownership, and exactly where the ranks could be situated, would be overcome.

"I think everyone is in agreement that this is something which should be done if we can iron out the technicalities. There is huge demand among disabled and elderly people for being able to enjoy Bentley Bridge, and the issue of access is the only remaining barrier."