City Conservative leader Councillor Wendy Thompson said that it was yet another knock-on effect from the Labour Council's failures in spreading good practice in education across the City, along with high unemployment.

Councillor Thompson said, "If your local school has had a bad Ofsted report or has come low in the results tables, would you not want to look further to seek a better option for your child? Sometimes, it is impossible for the child to make the journey safely on their own, or without taking three, maybe four buses to school and back.

"This is now happening on a frightening scale with parents criss-crossing the City to get their children to distant schools and back every morning and evening, sometimes even travelling outside the City's boundaries to Walsall, Staffordshire and Shropshire.

"With fewer primary schools per head of population in Wolverhampton rated good or outstanding, and with the eighth worst GCSE results in the country, the effects on traffic at peak times, especially on the Ring Road, are now more noticeable than ever."


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