Reopen Wolverhampton's Libraries

Labour-controlled Wolverhampton Council refuses to reopen the city's public libraries, despite Government guidance allowing this. Please support our campaign to get the libraries reopened by signing our petition.

Conservative councillors in Wolverhampton are calling on the council to safely reopen our libraries as quickly as possible. Libraries are more than just places to loan out books - they offer support and provide a space for the community to use. Many of our elderly and vulnerable residents have gone without these services for too long.

Wolverhampton residents are rightly frustrated and angry at the continued closure of Wolverhampton's libraries, as are we. If you support our campaign, sign our petition below.

Neighbouring local authorities have safely reopened their libraries to local residents - so why can't Wolverhampton? People rely on libraries for valuable local resources such as access to computers and the internet, as well as searching and applying for jobs.

Together we can make sure the Labour-run City Council hears Wolverhampton’s voice and gets our public libraries back open again for everyone to enjoy.

Reopen Wolverhampton's Libraries